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Iowa Marriage Records

The government of Iowa has created public libraries, archives and even formed official records agencies just to cater the requests of its citizens for the Iowa marriage records. There are several reasons why the general public are looking after these legal data. Some would want to verify the current civil status of their partners while some are simply just doing a family tree search. The residents must not hesitate to apply for such documents before they are backed by an existing law which permits anyone to make a request so long as there are legal basis in the application.

A formal written request must be complied and addressed to the State’s Department of Public Health and Bureau of Health Statistics along with the filled-out official application form which includes all the necessary information of the requesting party and the names being requested for. The cost for each copy being applied for would be $35. The form must be totally filled out. Otherwise, only little information will be retrieved or the State will never accommodate your request. The documentation of these reports started in the 1800’s up to present. Today, various counties are already updating the records and entertain anyone who would want to acquire the files.


Iowa Marriage Records

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It technically requires a lot of time and effort doing the traditional way of searching for vital records. Today, people have the privilege of pulling them up in no time using the Internet as a medium for these legal pieces of information. It comes with a corresponding fee but really worth it for a fact that it brings anyone not only accurate but fast information for whatever legitimate undertakings. Indeed, this is the modern solution which everyone should avail from because it features instant service and serves total protection to the general public.

Some of the details being asked in the application form for marriage records in Iowa include:

  • Party A name as it appears on the record
  • Party B name as it appears on the record
  • Date of Marriage
  • Place of Marriage
  • Purpose for copy

How are you related to the person mentioned on the record
Marriage records can also be requested through the Iowa Department of Health via various ways:

  • How to order for a certified copy in person
  • How to apply for a certified copy by mail
  • How to request a certified record online
  • How to request a certified record by phone

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