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Iowa Criminal Records

The State of Iowa offers criminal records access to the public via the State’s Division of Criminal Investigation. The records are available in name-based search only and cost $13 for a mail request and $15 for fax request with fax response.

To request for criminal history records in Iowa, one can request a non-waiver criminal history record check from the Iowa Criminal History Record Check website or also download the form and fax the request form from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. Third party requests are available although the request will be required to be left behind at the Office for normal processing.


Iowa Criminal Records


For those who might need the records urgently, they can also choose to avail of third party search providers that offer public records search online. One can readily get hold of the records they want without having to wait for several days as is the case when one avails of the service from the government office.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
Requestors who wish to perform criminal check or background check on another person or on himself or herself can follow the following process:

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