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Indiana Marriage Records

Marriage records are important documents not only because they provide significant details about the subjects but also, these are legal files which can be used for whatever licit purposes. All record appeals are subject to fees. In Indiana, a certificate of marriage is worth $10 and $4 for an extra copy. Requesting for a marriage decree is done by filing a request through an application form which should contain all the necessary details about the marriage. These include, but are not limited to, the names of the couple, the date and place of the matrimonial union, and the county where the license was issued.

Indiana is an open record state. This implies that anyone authorized by law can obtain a copy of a marriage decree provided that the process of procurement is followed and guidelines are adhered to. Marriage registers, in particular, can be accessed through the State’s Department of Health in the Vital Records Division. You can also obtain the document from the Office of the Circuit Clerk in the county where the license to wed was acquiesced. When entreaties are sent through mail, the processing time usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. Due to the nature of such method, it can even take longer depending on the volume of requests received in the office.


Indiana Marriage Records

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Guidelines for Indiana Marriage Records:

  • The State’s Record Bureau only retains index for marriages since 1958.
  • For certified copies of Marriage Certificates, you can access these from the county Clerk of Circuit Court or Clerk of Superior Court in the county where event occurred.
  • Payment for the marriage certificate requested should be made through check or money order only. Cash will not be accepted.

Listed below are the steps for obtaining Indiana marriage records through mail or walk-in method:

  • Identify which county the marriage took place and where the license was issued. Marriage record requests in Indiana are directed at the Circuit Clerk’s Office in the county where such license was obtained.
  • Get an application form from the aforementioned agencies’ online portal or from their offices directly. Fill it out will all the necessary details required.
  • Indicate your relationship to the subjects and the reason of your appeal.
  • Send your order along with the corresponding fee to any of these offices.

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