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Indiana Divorce Records

The Indiana Divorce records are available only through the County Clerk Office or Superior Court where the divorce was granted. However, it is possible for the State’s Vital Record Office to help requestors to find out where the records are maintained. Fees for the records depend on the county where the divorce was granted.

Customarily, in order to obtain records or decrees of divorce in Indiana, it would take the requestor knowing the county where the divorce was granted which would be difficult for the latter if the date and place was unknown. The State’s Vital Records section also has limited divorce database (1958 to 2003) and thus might not be useful for the person requesting the records.


Indiana Divorce Records

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However, for those who are not sure or do not know where the divorce records are available, they can opt to use online third party search sites to look for the information that they need to obtain the records. It would only require the requestor to input basic information such as the name of the husband or wife and birth date or if they know the date of when the divorce was granted. Some sites do offer free searches and others offer a comprehensive report for a nominal fee.

How To Obtain Indiana Divorce Certificates

For requestors to be able to determine the county where the divorce records was granted follow the steps below:

State of Indiana Divorce Records Resources:

State of Indiana County Clerk’s Office