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Indiana Criminal Records

Criminal records for US states are usually available from one central database for public access. However, Indiana criminal records are available from two major locations – Indiana State Archives that has criminal records that date back to the 1790s and in the Indiana Department of Corrections. For those account members, each record costs about $15, for non-account holders, the cost is $16.32. Payment methods accepted include credit card, check or money order.

There are several ways for one to access criminal records in Indiana. For mail requests, requestors can download the form they need from the state’s website, fill out the information and send a payment of $7 to the Indiana State Police. For online ordering, requestors can open up an account, access the State’s online database, and pay the corresponding fee before being able to download and print the records.


Indiana Criminal Records


For those who are interested in obtaining their own personal background checks for various legal purposes or want to do a one-time search, one of the most effective and convenient ways is through the use of commercial online providers that offer public searches for free or for a minimal fee.

How To Request For Indiana Background Checks/Criminal Records
To request for one’s personal background check, follow the steps below to make your background check request easier:

Fill in the fields and ensure that you complete all the information needed.

To be exempted from the fee and still access the online database, one must fall into one of two categories:

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