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Illinois Public Records

In Illinois, any member of the state can personally inspect and get copies of state public records from any government bodies. This is due to the provision of the Illinois Freedom Information Act. However, to access these files, a processing fee is requisite. The fee is specific to the type of record you would like to get. This fee is non-refundable as it applies for the search itself. Also, an application form must be secured and completed first before you order will be processed.

Illinois public records are available at several state agencies. Vital records, for instance, are housed at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Health. Arrest and criminal records, on the other hand, are accessible at the Department of Justice or the State Police. In requesting for a copy of any of these records, certain guidelines must be adhered to. The estimated processing time for public record requests can take about days up to weeks depending on the nature of the method utilized.


Illinois Public Records


Although counter service is available at the state’s offices, doing such transaction this way may be inconvenient to some of you. Doing it over the computer, on the other hand, will hasten the process and lessen your effort. Simply look for Internet record solutions, hire their services, and expect for the public record you requested to be sent to you right away without deferral.

To get hold of any public record in Illinois, the following steps must be followed:

  • Print an application or request form. This form is needed for your order to be processed.
  • Carefully read the instructions and provide all the necessary details asked. Provide as much information about the event as possible to narrow the results and locate the record easier.
  • Prepare the necessary fee. Each record requires a specific amount of money as search payment.
  • Once the form is completed, send it to relevant office along with your payment.

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