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Illinois Criminal Records

The Illinois criminal records are available from the State Police Bureau of Investigation. There are two ways to obtain records from the State Police – one is through non-fingerprint process, which costs $16 and the other is through fingerprints, which cost $20. The forms are available from the State Police Department of Identification and payment can be made through certified checks and money order.

Traditionally, one can obtain the records through fingerprint or non-fingerprint options. Non-fingerprints are cheaper though the Department does not guarantee the accuracy of the search as many criminals do use aliases and the search would depend on the information supplied by the requestor. A fingerprint service on the other hand requires the submission of fingerprint cards, which will be used by the State Police to match the records they have in their database. Processing time varies as well.

For those who want to obtain criminal records but are unsure of the details or data pertaining to the person involved, they can opt first to avail of the services of commercial search providers online. Some offer free limited reports and a nominal fee for full detailed report.


Illinois Criminal Records


How To Request For Illinois Background Checks/Criminal Records
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The Illinois State Police also charges additional fees for checks not drawn in a US bank. For fingerprint services, the charge is $20 and for non-fingerprint, the charge is $50.

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