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Idaho Marriage Records

Spending time to locate the marriage records someone is a valuable effort to do to a lot of people these days. The searching process would only mean that one will be able to find out the marital information of a certain person. The Idaho marriage records have been preserved to provide the people with the right and legal data concerning someone’s status in the status. Companies and several organizations would root for these reports as their reference regarding the real status of someone. They are also helpful documents when you are doing a research on your genealogy.

The Idaho Department of Health has been compiling such records since 1947 along with the divorce reports. Those who wished to obtain earlier records must see the designated Clerk in the county where the union between husband and wife transpired. Individuals can also go to a county office to inquire and request regarding the marital records which they kept. If you are to order a copy of the said records you would need to pay $13 for each copy. But, before anything else you would need to fill-out the application form where you need to fill in the basic information about yourself and the names of those who are in the record. Doing it manually would take 5 to 7 business days before the results are delivered.


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Apparently, this modern day has a lot to offer to people as such vital records can be downloaded over the web without much complication. Yes, with the advent of the Internet, even the Idaho marriage records can be stored and retrieved from an online records provider. You only have to pay for a reasonable fee in order to avail for the said service. It’s completely safe and hassle-free because you can do it on your own at home anytime you want.

The details in the Idaho Vital Statistics Certificate Request include the following:

  • Fees
  • Who can order?
  • Identification
  • Delivery Method

As part of the vital records, Idaho Bureau of Vital Records accommodates requests via the following methods:

  • Order by mail
  • Order online
  • Order by fax

Other details relating to the Idaho marriage records: