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Idaho Divorce Records

Aside from birth, death and marriage records, divorce records are also important legal documents as the reports show a person’s legal status as well as serve as legal documents that one might need in requesting for child support or alimony.

Idaho is one of the US states that provides easy access to Vital Records from its own Vital Records Office. The Vital Records Office maintains records starting from 1947 up to the present. Records prior to the said date are available from the county where the divorce was granted. Divorce records from the Vital Records Office cost $13 and can be paid via money order or certified checks as well.


Idaho Divorce Records

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To be able to access the divorce report, requestors must present proof and reason(s) why they want the divorce records as the State considers the reports confidential. Divorce reports only become available to the public domain after 50 years have passed from the time the record was granted.

Those who wish to get hold of the divorce reports aside from their own reports may do so by visiting private search websites that offer public records search. These search sites can find the records for requestors fast, which can definitely save one time and money.

How To Obtain Idaho Divorce Records

For those who wish to attain or get their own divorce records form the State of Idaho, simply follow the steps provided below:

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