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Idaho Criminal Records

Residents in Idaho cannot afford to allow bad history to repeat itself in the future. This is the main reason as to why Idaho Criminal Records are preserved to be utilized at present and in the days ahead. People need to have a legal reference of those convicted criminals in the past so they can be forewarned and make themselves prepared for anything that could happen. Criminal records include those who are still serving their sentences in jail and those who have been out of prison. It’s not to discriminate the ex-convicted individuals but to just be informed of their background for the general public’s consumption.

There are for sure a lot of purposes for requesting on criminal documents. They are often used to background check a job applicant, new neighbour, person who stalks another, applying for financial loan, immigration and several more reasons. The bottom line is to ensure that everyone, including the organizations’ names is protected. Idaho has developed a site under the management of the state’s department of correction office. It is where cases of sex offenders can be obtained.


Idaho Criminal Records


Searches are done using names and offender numbers for a very reasonable service charge.
On the other hand, the State Police of Idaho and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation are responsible for the keeping of criminal history information. These are those that come with fingerprints being reported to the Criminal Investigation agency. These sorts of records are technically acquired with the use of names or fingerprints. These are important resources more especially if you are in-charge in the company’s human resources where you need to undergo screening for the new applicants. Application form is downloadable via the state’s website. When the form is completed you need to address it to the Meridian area head office.

Moreover, two types of checks can be executed including the name-based check and the fingerprint-based check. The former only issues a non-certified and non-fingerprint based check. The latter tells how to possess fingerprint-based background check of an individual. Therefore, you need to be clear when filling-out the form if it’s for name-based check or fingerprint-based check. The required amount for all the services done should not go beyond $15.00 for each copy. Today, county-based criminal records are also being initiated to make searches even more accessible to county residents.
But today, people are privileged to experience the smooth acquisition of Idaho criminal records with the help of the
Internet. It simply means that you no longer have to spend a lot of time complying with the requirements and waiting for a long time for the search result. Nowadays, you just need to have a computer with Internet access so you can have the legal data anytime you want. It’s effective and practical since it can be performed at home or wherever you feel more comfortable and safe from any harm. It comes with a reasonable fee for a useful information that can be utilized for any circumstances.

The Idaho State Police offers legal records on the following:

  • Fingerprinting and background checks
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Forensics
  • Investigations
  • Crime Statistics
  • Alcohol Beverage Control
  • Peace Officer Standards and Training

Other valuable legal resources for Idaho criminal records: