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Hawaii Divorce Records

Divorce reports are considered as one of the legal documents that one would need if one wants to prove if a person they are marrying again is eligible and as supporting documents for spousal support or child support. In the State of Hawaii, divorce records are available from the Department of Health as well as from the County Court Office. Each record costs about $10 and succeeding copies cost $4.

For those who are interested in obtaining certified copies of divorce records, they should be aware that records maintained from the Vital Records Office start from July 1951 up to December 2002 only. All other records are available from the county clerk office.


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Those who want to get hold of their divorce records or copies also have another option especially for those who are not aware of the county where the divorce was filed. They have the option to engage the services of third party search providers online to look for the records they need. It might be a bit expensive but considering the fact that it can be a real time saver, many opt to avail of such services instead.

How To Obtain Hawaii Divorce Records

For requestors who wish to get hold of their records from the Vital Records Office, follow the steps below:

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