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Hawaii Criminal Records

Hawaii is a wonderful place to live in not only for its magnificent scenery but as well as the ease of accessibility of public records, which one can access from the State. Criminal records, for example, are available online, through walk-in and even through mail request. Cost for the records varies however; the State accepts credit card payments for those who opt to use their online request service. Records are available from the Attorney General Office and the Department of Public Safety.

Requestors who wish to get hold of their criminal records or carry out background checks can do so by requesting the records from the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center or HCJDC. A request form is needed for the Office to process the request, and cost is $15 for each search.


Hawaii Criminal Records


Another option that one can opt for is through online means. Aside from the government eCrim online site, there are other commercial sites or search providers that conveniently offer criminal records check or background check of individuals at a more affordable price.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
To request manually for personal background checks or criminal record checks, follow the steps below:

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