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Guam Public Records

The Guam public records are being archived, updated and distributed to people with legal intentions for doing the request. They also have the Vital Statistics office to handle all the various reports regarding the State’s people. Individuals can process the application via mail or by personally visiting the designated records office under the Department of Health and Social Services. Payment requirement will be through money order or on-island checks to the Treasure of Guam.

Aside from the central office in Guam, requesting parties can go to the Clerk of Superior Court to check out some of the public documents which could be of great importance to you. Today, the State has incorporated the birth of modern technology into their records system to make the searches even more convenient and hassle-free. Thus, citizens now have the opportunity to make use of the records websites created by the government to fasten the search and make the job handier to perform.


Guam Public Records


Today, you no longer have to go anywhere because Guam public records can be downloaded within the comfort of your own home. The process is too easy to perform. Just look for a credible website, pay for the service fee and get the results in no time. This is a great alternative that anyone can benefit from because it is very practical and discreet. Also, if you are running background checks on someone this is just a valuable means of generating more information about the person whom you are trying to investigate.

The Island of Guam brings the following public services:

  • Guam Birth and Death Certificate
  • Criminal Background Information
  • Marriage License
  • Travel and Tourism Information
  • Government Employees
  • Guam Finances

Public records legal repositories: