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Guam Divorce Records

Guam is known to be a community property state, which means that if two married individuals separate they would have equal shares of everything like properties and other belongings that have to be split-up. The state is strict in terms of getting a divorce; you should have a valid reason for divorcing from your spouse, otherwise it will not be accommodated by law. Also, you need to identify yourself as a legal resident in Guam before you can actually file for divorce. Like any other states, Guam Divorce Records have soared up that’s why they are regularly updated for future public reference.

The Court of Guam is the central place where anyone can go to obtain copies of the divorce records. You should not feel hesitant to make a request because it is written by law that such vital records should be made available for a very legitimate purpose. The specific office which you should visit in person or contact through phone would be the Vital Statistics Office, Department of Public Health and Social Services. Guam does not have that much people living in the state and the workers they have in their records office aren’t that many as well. On this note, requests on divorce records normally get delayed due to lack of human resources.


Guam Divorce Records

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Divorce records by the way are used for several reasons. On top of the various reasons is that they are utilized to verify the real civil status of someone. So, when you are thinking of getting married you need to be sure that your romantic partner has no pending legal battles in court like an open case on divorce. If he or she had been divorced the papers must attest as proof that one was legally separated in the past. Then, he or she must obtain a copy of the divorce records as a document to show in court in order to get married again. Others would apply for the reports simply to gather information regarding their ancestors and in the process create a family tree of their roots.

Similarly, anyone who wishes to place a request should fill-out an application form and send it to the office concerned. Also, the information regarding the individuals concerned must be concise in order for the search to be quick and the results to be accurate. However, take note that it is done manually in Guam’s records office that’s why you should not expect that you will get the results immediately. Normally, it takes days before you eventually hold the legal documents which you asked for.

Luckily, there’s great news for the researchers nowadays. The news is that these divorce reports are now downloadable in no time using the Internet. Thus, anybody can do the search anytime at home because the information can be searched through the web from a trustworthy online records database. It comes with a fee, but it’s really worth it for all the details you get. The results can be used for whatever legal circumstances, thus, it is indeed efficient and practical to go online to search on divorce records.

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