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Georgia Criminal Records

Criminal records categorized as public domain are available from the database of the State of Georgia. Requestors who wish to receive criminal records may opt to check the Georgia Crime Information Center or GCIC and the local law enforcement agency. Cost for criminal records from the GCIC is $15 whereas records from the local enforcement agency cost less than $20. Payments using the GCIC can be made via credit card whereas that of the local agencies may vary.

To be able to access criminal records using the States unified criminal database, one must set up an account and include all pertinent details including their credit card information. This might be difficult for those who are not computer savvy or are busy since all the information of the requestor/account holder must be included before they are able to do searches.


Georgia Criminal Records


Fortunately, for those who would like to do one-time searches, they can opt instead to use a third party search provider online. These providers can deliver the records needed without the requestor setting up their account and is available for free or for a minimal fee.

How To Request For Georgia Background Checks/Criminal Records
The State of Georgia makes in-state felony convictions criminal cases available to the public. To be able to access these records, simply follow the steps below:

Where to Access Other Georgia Criminal Records