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Marriage records are considered public information in most states. On this account, the government is constitutionally required to avail this information to the public. That’s mandated by the Freedom of Information Act, 1966. Some states place certain degree of restriction on their accessibility, treatment and use but by and large, they are freely available from governmental agencies essentially free-of-charge. Private sources are also known to offer Marriage Records FOC although they are usually bundled with a commercial agenda.

Marriage records are one of the principal vital record categories that are offered at State departments of Data and Statistics or central repositories. This is a public service and although administrative fees are usually involved, the information itself is technically FOC. Free Marriage Records are also available at the counties or district public offices where the marriages originally took place. Again, service fees may be required. As for private websites, the free information may serve your purpose if depth and details are not essential but be extra careful of virus and malware.


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One thing about accessing governmental facilities for public information is the waiting time. Marriage records are no exception. The processing time varies in accordance with the mode of request (in-person, mail, telephone, fax, online) and the particular office involved. On the average, it’s around 10 business days but that could increase many folds during peak periods. Another thing is that Public Records come under state jurisdiction. They are therefore subject to variations among the various states. The respective laws governing their access and use, the procedures, fees and so forth are all not standardized. Most of all, state databases are not linked. So if a search is potentially multi-state, it has to be conducted state by state making the process rather tedious.

Given all the above setbacks of Free Marriage Records, it only makes sense to consider the paid-version. There are some pretty solid commercial record providers on the net these days offering the service. One that really rocks is Typical of professional information brokers, it boasts nationwide database of marriage and many other public record categories. Primarily an online service, their results are available within minutes from their state-of-the-art search tools. Being an industry pioneer and leader, they are committed to complete customer satisfaction from their billion-record cross-database network and back it with a full money-back refund guarantee.