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About a third of people in the US who ever married divorced. On the average, about a million divorces are granted each year. They go on record and are filed for reference and statistical purposes. Each state has its own version of the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to uphold open and accountable government actions. Public Divorce Records are one of the vital public record categories mandated by the Act and are made readily accessible to the public.

Every state has a Data and Statistics unit which typically reports into the State Health Department. Conventionally, this office is chartered with providing public information pertaining to individuals through their vital records. Free Divorce Records are one of the standard principal record categories along with those of Marriage, Birth and Death. They are uploaded from their respective district and county offices.


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Public Divorce Records are provided basically free of charge by the responsible government agencies save the usual token administrative and search fees. They are also widely retailed on the internet where online commerce in all forms has ballooned in recent years. This paid version offers consumers an accelerated and fuss-free alternative to government sources where waiting time and red-tape are normal features.

Every divorce record tells a story and we can learn a lot about people from them. Apart from the personal particulars, information on settlement, child custody and surrounding factors such as when, where and grounds of divorce can be viewed. The central documents are the Final Decree and Divorce Certificates and they are often only obtainable from the originating office where the divorce was granted. Multiple divorces within the same state will all be produced in a search.

Divorce records are generally private in nature, their public label notwithstanding. They come under state jurisdiction and can be sensitive so their use and treatment may hence be subject to restriction and requirement imposed by the state laws. There are various ways to obtain them; walk-in, mail, telephone, fax and by far the most popular now over the internet. Fees and waiting time vary in accordance to the mode of request.

Anyone can request anybody’s divorce records from the authorized government agencies as long as the procedures are followed and the required waiting time is observed. Of course, the proper fees must accompany also. It’s even easier and more convenient with commercial providers. Results are practically immediate and the professional service is well worth the money particularly if the search is multi-state. Government Registry is a good example. Take a Free Trial right here and experience the value for yourself!