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Florida Divorce Records

In Florida, for example, divorce records that date back to June 6, 1927 up to the present are available from the Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics. Those same records are also available from the Court Clerk Office where the divorce was granted as well as records that date before 1927. Each record obtained from the Bureau’s Office costs about $5 and additional copies are charged $4. Payments are made through checks or money order only and processing takes about five business days.

The standard way to obtain divorce records in Florida is to visit the County Clerk’s Office where the divorce was granted. For those who do not know the exact county, they may visit the Bureau of Vital Statistics Office to request information pertaining to where the records are kept. The search request is not free and one has to pay additional fees for every year that the Office has to search. Credit card payments are only accepted for online orders and rush deliveries will incur additional costs as well.


Florida Divorce Records

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For those who want to know where the divorce records maybe kept and need the records urgently, they may choose to use the services of third party providers that offer free divorce records search or other public records for a minimal fee. More often than not, these online providers can provide the search esults faster than the government office can.

How To Obtain Florida Divorce Records

Vital records are important as these can be used as supporting documents for whatever legal purpose a person may need them for. Vital records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce are usually available from the State’s Vital Statistics Office. One can also visit their local county clerk’s office to obtain the records that that they need.

To obtain divorce records in Florida, the following steps must be followed to make the transaction easier:

  • Download application form for those who prefer to do it by mail.
  • Fill up the form with all the important information and add the requestor’s contact details as well.
  • Attach payment fee of $5 for one record and $4 for each additional record in the form of cheque or money order.
  • Send the request to the Bureau of Vital Statistics.
  • Add $10 for ‘rush services’ or for ‘express delivery,’ add $10 and a self-addressed stamped express delivery envelope

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