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Florida Criminal Records

The State of Florida makes access to public criminal records and one’s background check easy through the Criminal History information database where the public can access records such as sex offenders, missing individuals, unsolved murders, wanted individuals as well as one’s personal criminal record for only $24 per record.

Not all records are open to the public. For those who want to make background checks, they would normally download a request form, pay the processing fee of $24 and send their request to the Florida Department of law Enforcement Criminal History Section. Credit cards are accepted for online transaction(s) and for those who prefer to receive the reports via mail, they can send the form together with a check or money order with their request to the Department.


Florida Criminal Records


Processing takes about five business days not including the delivery time.
For those who need the criminal records, another way to get copies of the criminal records would be to look for an online search provider that offers public search services. For a minimal fee, one can easily obtain the records without waiting for longer processing period or visiting their local police department to obtain the records.

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