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You may need to access divorce records for yourself or someone else to prove that you were married – or divorced. Divorce records are also used for genealogy purposes and may provide background such as parents, children, place of birth and other pertinent data that could help in plotting a family tree. Because of the Freedom of Information Act, most states now have methods by which you can access divorce and other vital records easily, but the information may take a while to deliver.

Also, certain states may have guidelines for accessing the information. Even though the Freedom of Information Act gave public citizens the right to see various records, the states enacted their own rules and regulations that must be followed during state-based searches. You may need to write a request for the record and include your name and personal information, including government identification in the request. Most states also ask for a fee for the search.


Divorce Records

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When you receive the divorce record from the state the information that will likely be available are the names of the two parties in the divorce, possible children’s names, the date, time and county in which the divorce took place and possibly other pertinent information. Some of the information within a divorce record may not be available because of some state restrictions.

Thanks to the Internet, we now have another way to look up divorce records other than waiting for the time-consuming and frustrating manner of going through the state where the divorce took place. Private online search sites are now available that use powerful search engines and vast databases to look up information (including divorce records). These sites are extremely valuable to professionals such as genealogists and legal professionals because they receive the information they need fast (within moments after entering details about the person) and a report from a private online search site is more accurate that those put together by a state. Many professionals maintain monthly subscriptions to private search sites because they need data on an almost daily basis and can’t wait for the slow pace of a state-based search.

A private, online search site can likely provide you with information such as child custody details, alimony, assets and reason for divorce from the private search site, while the state site can only release basic data. The private search sites aren’t restricted by laws and know how to search through data to find just the information you need. Your name or payment information won’t be revealed – your data is encrypted so no one will know it was you who requested the divorce record.

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