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District of Columbia Marriage Records

Unlike the other States, District of Columbia marriage records are not part of the documents being compiled by the state’s department of health which holds the other vital records of the people. Instead, a separate agency has been designated to collect such reports. This agency is the Marriage Bureau in coordination with the State’s Family Court. So, anyone who is looking for such files should go to the said court and do the searches. This is where the marriage license can also be ordered from $10.00 for each request.

It is a must though that when you apply for the said records you should be able to provide the following details including the social security numbers of spouses, complete names, address, birthdates, and the other fundamental particulars. It is also important that you are able to show a valid government-issued ID so your request will be noted and granted. Generally, you can order such records from the District of Columbia Superior Court following the guidelines set by the court officials. Today, the government has made use of the technology where the reports can be uploaded online through the Internet to make it easier for the people to perform the search.


District of Columbia Marriage Records

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The various counties under District of Columbia have also initiated to compilation of the people’s records so that they no longer have to go to the main state’s repository. Nowadays, the search becomes more convenient with the aid of an online records solution wherein the application can be made anytime over the Internet. You only have to pay for a reasonable price and acquire the marital documents in no time.

The District of Columbia Family court caters the said services:

  • Family Court Rules of Procedure
  • Family Court Treatment
  • Paternity and Child Support

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