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District of Columbia Divorce Records

Divorce records in the District of Columbia are private and confidential; as such, only those with direct and tangible interests are allowed to request for these vital records. To obtain divorce records in the District, one can visit the United States District Court for records that date back to September 16, 1956. Divorce records that happened after the said date are made available from the District of Columbia Superior Court.

To be able to make a request for the divorce certificates, one must have the request form signed by the Institutional Review Board before the Registrar would be able to process the request. The request must also conform to the Regulations set forth in the DC Municipal Regulations Title 29 Chapter 28.


District of Columbia Divorce Records

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For those individuals who are interested to obtain a copy of the divorce records for informational purposes, they can make a request directly to the office or check out one of the internet providers that provide vital record search services. This is the fastest way one would be able to get hold of the records.

How To Obtain District of Columbia Divorce Records

To get hold of divorce records in the District of Columbia, follow the steps below:

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