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District of Columbia Criminal Records

The Arrest and Criminal History Section Record Branch of the Metropolitan Police Department is tasked to maintain criminal records in the District. A person can request for police clearance or background check or a copy of the offense or accident report. A police report costs $3 though this is waived for those directly involved in the case such as the complainant themselves, their guardians or spouses. For police clearance, the fee is $7 whereas a Domestic violence report is free and anyone can get a copy of their own domestic violence report.

For those who wish to get a copy of the report, they can either visit the Records Branch or send a mail request form. The mail request must be notarized before the Office will process the request. It would take about six weeks from the time the Office receives the mail request for the requester to receive his or her copy of the police clearance.


District of Columbia Criminal Records


Another way that a person can get a copy of the record is to visit one of the online search sites that offer criminal or background checks. This is the fastest way that one would be able to get a copy without having to visit the local police department or waiting for their mail request to arrive.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
To make a request for police clearance or background check, follow the steps provided below:

To make a request for police report, follow the set of guidelines below:

  • Visit the Public Documents Section of the Police Department
  • Fill in the Accident PD-10 form or PD-251 for Incident/Offense.
  • Provide the six-digit identifying number or CCN of the case.
  • Report is free for complainant and their legal guardian whereas $3 is charged for third party individuals.

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