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District of Columbia Public Records

Despite of the huge inclusions of the District of Columbia public records the state is prepared enough to cater on the public’s requests by creating several agencies which offer the various legal records services. The records are documented locally so that they will be more accessible to the majority of the residents. People can actually go to courthouses and municipalities in the respective counties and inquire for the procedure on how the public documents can be retrieved.

The residents can also go to the Department of Health, Vital Records Division to check out the vital documents like marriage, divorce, death and birth. There are also a number of online repositories created by the state to hasten the search on the other public files. The office of the State’s secretary has initiated the launch of these sites including District of Columbia Archives, General Records Retention Schedule, Library of Government Information and the Public Records Search Request Forms. All these online archives have been made available to make the searches even simpler and less complicated. A fee for each request depends on the guidelines set by the different agencies.


District of Columbia Public Records


Today, the typical and lengthy process of obtaining such reports has been dislodged by the birth of an online records repository. With the presence of modern technology these days, public records can be acquired in only a few clicks at your fingertips. Just find a user-friendly Internet records service and pay the fee in return for an all-encompassing data which you can leverage in various circumstances. These public reports can technically be obtained from home so long as you have an Internet access and the computer.

District of Columbia highlights the following services:

  • Public Safety Services
  • Health and Human Services
  • Make A Service Request
  • Education Programs

Legal offices to visit when searching for the public documents: