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Delaware Marriage Records

Since Delaware is an open records state, vital records of individuals in the state can be accessed so long as the proper procedure is followed. Marriage records, for instance, are available to anyone in the state who wishes to obtain a copy of such file for whatever legal purposes. Each copy of a marriage certificate in Delaware costs $25. To request access to such registers, a completed application form is obligatory.


Delaware Marriage Records

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It is the State Department of Public Health Vital Records Division which is responsible for the keeping of such vital information. Such division is the office tapped by the government to respond to statewide requests for information on marriages along with other categories of vital records. The processing time for such entreaties varies depending on the number of requests received at a certain time.

With Internet these days, marriage records are already available online. Simply hire private record providers and get the records you need in no time.

When appealing for a marriage certificate in Delaware, the following instructions must be followed:

For verification purposes, you are required to submit your official valid photo identification. This could be your driver’s license, state ID, or work ID. Also, as the one requesting for the record, you have to provide your personal details as well. These include your complete name, address, and your phone number. Making a false statement to lawfully obtain a certified marriage decree is a felony violation of the Delaware Law.

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