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Delaware Divorce Records

Divorce records contain valuable information and can serve as supporting documents for any legal claims or purposes that one needs. In the State of Delaware, divorce records are available from the Office of the Vital Statistics from 1953 up to the present. Each record request costs $25 and can be paid via money order or certified checks.

There are no forms that one can download from the Statistics Office; as such, one needs to make a written request for the divorce records. After making a written request, the office will forward the request to the appropriate county office where the divorce was granted.


Delaware Divorce Records

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Divorce records are open to the public and for those who want to get hold of the reports without having to make a written request; they may opt to obtain the records from third party search providers that offer public records search free or for a minimal fee.

How To Obtain Delaware Divorce Records

For those who are interested in obtaining divorce records from the State of Delaware, do follow the steps given below:

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