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Actually, all divorce records are County Divorce Records. This is because they all originate at the county office or circuit court where the divorce was first granted. Till this day, the practice of holding original documents for divorce such as the Divorce Decree and Divorce Certificate at county offices is still pretty much preserved. In many states, certain details about divorce can only be found in county records.

In a great majority of states, the issuance of certified copies of divorce records is restricted exclusively to the county outfit where the divorce proceedings were conducted. Most of them also have a centralized repository at their state statistics department where standard basic Divorce Information is available as a public service. A state divorce index is usually also maintained and provided for public use.


County Divorce Records

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A list of their district or county offices in regards to divorce records is normally provided at the central state record agency. This is because for all practical purposes, they are often the best if not the only government resource for detailed divorce records. County Divorce Records can generally be requested in person, by mail, telephone or fax at the County Clerk’s office. The online option over the internet is also increasingly being offered nowadays.

If the County Office where the divorce was granted is known, obtaining the associated divorce records would normally be relatively smooth-going. To request for County Divorce Records, the standard information that is the case number of the divorce if it’s known, names of the divorcing parties, the filing date and the number of copies. It must of course be accompanied by the required search fees. Details of fees and payment are normally available at the office and/or its website.

Basically, all the information surrounding a divorce can be found in County Divorce Records save those which are classified as confidential by the courts. Personal particulars of the people involved including the parents and children, time, place, reason, settlement and disposition of the separation are standard features. In most cases, the Final Decree and Certificate of the divorce form the 2 principal documents in the file.

Characteristic of government facilities, retrieving County Divorce Records through public channels involve waiting time which ranges from same-day to several weeks or even months depending on the nature of the request. Invariably, there will also be red-tapes to contend with. The ready-made solution around this is professional record providers and Archives.com is a superb choice for that.