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Connecticut Divorce Records

Unlike most US States where a copy of the divorce is available from the Public Health Office or the Vital Statistics Section, divorce decrees in the State of Connecticut are only available from the Superior Courts of the county where the divorce was filed and granted. Cost for the decree or certificate varies from county to county.

Since records are only available from the County where the divorce was filed, thus it might be difficult for some people to obtain the records especially if the person does not know the county where the records were filed. Although the Vital Records Office can help locate the county where the divorce was granted, it would still take more than two weeks of waiting for one to be able to get hold of the divorce report.


Connecticut Divorce Records

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With that said, there is still another option open for those who need to see the divorce records either of themselves or someone else and it is via choosing a third party search provider or commercial search providers to do the job for them.

How To Obtain Divorce Records

For requestors to obtain divorce decrees or reports from the Office, one should follow these steps:

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