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Connecticut Criminal Records

Criminal background checks are pertinent especially for those who are conducting history checks can verify a person’s history and whether there are any arrest records that you need to know of. In the State of Connecticut, criminal records or reports are obtainable from the Connecticut State Police. Cost for each record is around $5.

The old way of getting a criminal record from the State would require one to download a request form from the department of Public Safety website, have it completed, go to a local fingerprint agency and after having one’s fingerprint scan done, send the completed form to the State Police for processing. Requests for criminal records are restricted and third party individuals might not be able to have their requests processed by the State.


Connecticut Criminal Records


Now however, innovations as well as advancement in the internet has paved the way for one to be able to retrieve not only their own records, but also , records of other individuals by searching online. There are third party search providers that also offer such services that one can avail of which can be useful for all the citizens.

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