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Colorado Criminal Records

Criminal reports and documents are available from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Records Check Division and payments can be made via credit card for online searches and checks or money order for manual searches. Online search costs $6.85 while manual search costs $13. Processing can take about three business days.

For those who are interested in getting hold of criminal records in Colorado, one can open an account online and access the CBI database or make a written request if they need certified or notarized records. Some records are also restricted from the public and only government agencies and authorized entities are allowed to obtain these records.


Colorado Criminal Records


Luckily, though, there are other ways that one can obtain criminal records. Thanks to the internet, communication and data gathering are now quicker, and searches can be done efficiently. There are different commercial search sites that do provide public records searches for free or for a nominal fee for complete reports.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
To manually request for criminal reports from the CBI follow the steps below:

To obtain records online, follow the steps below:

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