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Canada Divorce Records

Although the Government of Canada Department of Justice maintains vital records, the department does not maintain divorce records after July 2, 1968. This is the reason why the Registry office is unable to process requests for divorce records as well as requests for certificates. The Registry however can help requesters find the court where the divorce was filed and determine any duplicate divorce proceedings in the country.

To request for checking of duplicates, one can visit the Department of Justice. On the other hand, those who wish to get a copy of their divorce certificate can request for assistance from the Department in locating the right court.


Canada Divorce Records

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Another option that one might be interested in which is actually common nowadays is to access the internet. One can easily obtain information from search providers online as well as engage the services of a search provider company for an in-depth search of the records that they want. This is the most practical way to get hold of records without having to contact the DOJ office.

How To Obtain Canada Divorce Records

To get divorce records or check if there are any duplicate divorce proceedings, follow the steps below:

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