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California Divorce Records

The bill on Freedom of Information has entitled the Californians to consider the vital records like an open book for public use. Citizens can obtain certified copies of divorce reports which are later on classified as authorized copy and informational copy. The State requires $13 per copy of the legal separation files being documented from 1962 to 1984. The newer records must be acquired from the respective counties where the separation was granted. More importantly, the application form must be possessed and completed to begin the search.

As per provision of the existing law, California divorce records can be procured at the State’s Department of Public Health and are also now delegated to each of the Superior Courts from the various counties within the State. The traditional hand searching method is still available up to now. However, doing so would take up 15 to 20 weeks before the results are delivered to the requesting party. Today, the different county records offices could have developed a better system which could make the process a lot faster.


California Divorce Records

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Interestingly, the paperwork has been transformed electronically with the advancement of computers and the Internet over the years. This is the remarkable age of information technology where vital records can be pulled-up in just a few hits on your computer keyboard. Well, you just got to carefully choose a trustworthy Internet records solution to be satisfied with the data you get. This option is totally hassle-free as you get to produce the results at home where you feel most comfortable in performing the search from.

There are two types of certified copies of divorce in California:

  • Authorized Copy – Specifies those who can do the request including the person on the record, immediately family and the legal representative.
  • Information Copy – Contains similar data but will be marked as not a valid document to establish identity.

How do you obtain a divorce certificate by mail?

  • Secure an application form to order the California divorce records.
  • Fill-out the form completely, otherwise it will not be processed or will not be located in the database.
  • Pay $13 as the standard fee which is non-refundable even when no records are found.
  • Indicate the exact number of copies that you are requesting.
  • Payment mode will be through Check or Money Order. No Cash.
  • Once everything is ready, mail to California Department of Public Health Vital Records office.

County search is done by going over the list of California Courts: