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California Criminal Records

In California, criminal records access is limited; however, one can access their own records by requesting a background check to be done for them by the Department of Justice under the Office of the Attorney General. Background checks are useful for several legal reasons. Payment for the records cost about $25 and can be paid through money order, personal or certified checks.

Normally, to obtain the criminal records, one would have to download a request form from the DOJ office, go to an authorized Live Scan operator for fingerprints and mail their request to the Department of Justice Records Review Unit. It will take up to ten days to process the request and maybe extended up to fourteen days depending on the request volume that the Office receives.


California Criminal Records


Luckily, for those who need their criminal records urgently they can do so as thanks to the advent of the internet, there are now other alternative means of obtaining these records and one of them is through the use of commercial third parties online to search for their records. This is the easiest and most efficient way to obtain the records right in the comforts of one’s own home or office.

How To Request For A Background Check:

For residents:

For out of state residents:

  • Fill up the BCII 8016RR or the Live Scan Form and print.
  • Download FD258 (manual fingerprint card).
  • Bring the form together with a valid ID photo to any authorized fingerprint agency.
  • $25 processing fee via a certified/personal checks or money order should be included together with the form.
  • Mail the form to the California Department of Justice Record Review Unit.

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