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Arkansas Marriage Records

Arkansas, unlike other US states, is unfortunately not an open records state. This means that by law, the state’s marriage records are therefore not open to the public. Only those named on the certificate and the immediate family members can access such information. Each copy of an Arkansas marriage record is $10 payable by check or money order.

The Arkansas Vital Records Office, Department of Health is the state agency responsible for maintaining the state’s vital records, including that of marriage decrees. Marriage records may also be obtained from the local county clerk’s office. Records of marriages dating from 1917 to present are housed in this division. To obtain the actual marriage decree, you have to direct your request to the local county clerk’s office. The usual processing time for such entreaty may take days to days to weeks to be processed depending on the amount of requests the office receives at a certain time.


Arkansas Marriage Records

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Obtaining an Arkansas marriage record can be done either through mail, walk-in, or through the Internet. Due to the nature of each method, perhaps the fastest and easiest way of getting hold of these documents is obtaining online with the aid of alternative record solutions.
Who can obtain a copy of an Arkansas marriage record?

  • the registrants themselves;
  • their immediate family members;
  • designated representatives;
  • academic research groups; and
  • persons who can demonstrate a right to the information

If you’re neither any of these specified individuals and you wish to access such information, you have to present a court warrant and take note that special rules apply. These include paying a processing fee and petitioning the court in writing. You must specify the reason of your request and the court will decide whether to allow you to obtain the copy or not. Whatever the result of your request may be, you will be notified.

To request for a copy of an Arkansas marriage record, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Print an application form.
  • Fill it out with all the necessary details required.
  • Send the completed form along with the corresponding fee to the relevant agency.

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