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Arkansas Divorce Records

In the State of Arkansas, there are 2 ways to obtain divorce reports. One way is through the Arkansas Vital Records and another is through the County Clerk Office where the divorce was issued. The Vital Records houses records that date back to 1923 and are copies only. Records prior to the said year are available from the Clerk Office. Cost for the divorce record obtained from the Vital Records Office is $10 each whereas records obtained from the Clerk Office varies.

Obtaining divorce records from the State of Arkansas is a bit more difficult than other US States as the records are not available to the general public. Although in some instances, some counties might have an altogether different rule from the State. Records are only released to those directly related to the persons mentioned in the record and to their authorized representatives.


Arkansas Divorce Records

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Those who require the records and are not directly related to the parties in the divorce but need the records nevertheless have another option. Third party search providers online can be useful in helping one get the divorce record they need. Although most of the time, records retrieved will contain only basic information, it will be useful especially for those who want to verify the status of the person that they are marrying.

How To Obtain Divorce Records

To get a hold of the divorce record copy in the State of Arkansas, follow the steps below:

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