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Arizona Criminal Records

If you are a resident of Arizona and wish to review your criminal records or make background checks on yourself, then you may do so as the State makes these records available. The request can be made through the State’s Criminal History Record section and processing as well as cost varies.

Requestors who wish to see or review their criminal records may do so by contacting the Criminal History Records section. The government agency will then send a Review packet. Requestors must ensure that they fill in all the required details as well as go to the nearest fingerprint service center to have their fingerprints taken. Once these steps are completed, they have to send the packet together with a self-addressed envelope to the Criminal History Record Section for approval of their request.


Arizona Criminal Records


For those who find this tedious and time consuming, another option is to avail of the services of a third party search provider who can perform the search for them. This is not only convenient but also efficient since one can order or avail of the services right in the comforts of their home. Requestors may also view other individual’s criminal records as well.

How To Request For Arizona Background Checks/Criminal Records
To request for your personal background checks or criminal report, follow the steps below.

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