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Alaska Marriage Records

Alaska is an open records state. This conveys that all information created and maintained by public state agencies are therefore available to anyone in the state in need. However, vital records in Alaska, including marriage records, are restricted for the first 50 years. This means that such registers can only be accessed by the individuals specified by law within the first 50 years. Each copy of an Alaska marriage record is worth $20 and to file your request, an application form must be secured and completed first.

It is in the State’s Bureau of Vital Statistics that these records are housed. The Department of Health & Social Services oversees such division. Procuring a marriage record in Alaska can be done through mail, walk-in, or through fax. The handling time highly depends on which method is utilized. For expedited services, an additional $11 is requisite.


Alaska Marriage Records

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To get hold of such important documents, you can actually try doing the record search online. Most record solutions in the Internet have their own statewide database containing all state vital records. With these alternative service providers, you can even access records to marriages that are restricted to certain individuals only.

By law, Alaska does restrict access to state marriage records to the following individuals only:

  • groom and bride
  • immediate family members
  • designated representatives
  • academic research groups

Alternatively, other parties can request for an Alaska marriage decree so long as they can provide a letter or document from an office or agency which requires a copy of the record and that the reason of such request is deemed to be valid.

Below is the list of steps which you can follow to get a copy of marriage record in Alaska:

  • For your marriage record request to be processed, secure an application form first. This can be downloaded from the website of the Department of Health & Social Services.
  • Fill out the form in its entirety with all the significant details asked.
  • As the requester, indicate your relationship to the subjects and your reason for appealing for their marriage record.
  • Prepare the necessary payment of $20. For rush requests, include $11. Payment should be through check or money order only.
  • Mail the completed application form along with a copy of your valid ID and the corresponding fee to the said office.

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