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Alaska Divorce Records

Divorce records in the State of Alaska are available from the Department of Health and Social Services Division of Public Health Office. These records are made available to the husband/wife as well as to their legal representative. Each record costs about $30 and extra copies cost $25. Processing time is about two to three weeks although the Department also makes it possible to expedite the process in 3 days’ time if expedited request is made.

Normally, to request for divorce certificates in Alaska, one would need to print the request form and drop the application form at the Public Health Office, mail it in or fax it. Since the Office receives heavy request volume, processing time can vary and could reach about two to three weeks. The government also requires the requestor to include a clear copy of their government-issued ID; without such, the Office will not process the request.


Alaska Divorce Records

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How To Obtain Divorce Records

To request for divorce certificates in the State of Alaska, follow the process below:

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