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Alaska Criminal Records

Criminal history, arrest records, stolen properties and search warrants are just some of the information that is available to the public in the State of Alaska. Although some record access is restricted from the public, many records are available and can be requested from the Division of Statewide Services. One such record is the person’s individual criminal record or personal background check. The cost for the service is $20 for name-search and $35 for fingerprint based searches. Payments are also made easier as one can pay through certified check or money order.

The traditional way of which one would obtain these records is through the States’ Public Safety website. Download the form, have it filled up and for those with fingerprints, go to the local live scan operator, mail the form and wait for the record.


Alaska Criminal Records


Although this traditional way of requesting the records may suit some requesting parties, some might find it inconvenient especially if one needs the record for legitimate purposes. One convenient way to obtain these records has come up, thanks to the internet. With the introduction of the internet and many information now available in digital form, one can readily retrieve the data from several sources including commercial third party search providers who can process the request in just a few days’ time.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records

For those who will need a fingerprint search, they must visit their local LiveScan operator to have their fingerprint search done.
Attach $20 in money order or check form for processing fee.
Mail the completed form or personally drop the form at the Office.

Where to Access Other Criminal Records
Although the State provides a central database for the public to access records, they can also visit the following government agencies for other crime related information.