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Alabama Divorce Records

The State of Alabama makes access to divorce records unrestricted and as such, just about anyone who can provide details of the divorce can obtain a copy thereof. Currently, one can visit the Alabama Center for Health Statistics, which holds records of divorces that were granted from 1950 up to the present. Older divorce records are only available from the county of issuance. Each record costs $15 and additional copies cost $6. These fees are payable via money order or certified check.

To obtain records from the Health Office, one should download the request form from the official website of the Alabama Center for Health Statistics, complete the form and together with the payment, send the complete form to the Office. One can also visit the Office to drop in personally their request.


Alabama Divorce Records

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For those who have no checks or find it difficult to do money orders, they can opt instead for the services of third party search providers who offer other means of payment such as credit card payments. They can process the request and payment in a matter of a few minutes so one would be able to get hold of the record that they need in just a span of few hours.

How To Obtain Alabama Divorce Records

For those who want to obtain their divorce decree from the Vital Records Office, follow the steps provided below:

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