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Alabama Criminal Records

The Alabama State maintains a database where requestors can access criminal records or have their own criminal history checked. The records cost about $25 and can be paid through money order or certified checks. All records must be forwarded to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center.

To start the request, one would normally have to visit the Official website of the State, download the request form, visit their local authorized fingerprint agency, have their fingerprint done, and mail the request to the State office.


Alabama Criminal Records


With the advent of the internet, requesting for criminal records and other public reports are now easier. Several online search providers can help requestors with their request. They can simply go online and input the name of the offender or person that they want to check on for criminal information.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
For those who are interested in obtaining criminal records in Alabama, do take note that one can only access their own criminal records. To get hold of one’s personal criminal report and review it, follow the steps mentioned.

Arrest records and other inmate reports are also available for those who are interested in getting hold of such data. They can simply follow the steps below to find the record that they want quickly.

Where to Access Other Criminal Records
For other criminal records, reports and statistical data, visit the following links: