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Texas Public Records

In Texas, public records are documents that are not considered confidential. As per the Texas Public Information Act, any member of the state in need can actually procure a copy of these records. However, certain guidelines must be followed. For instance, a processing fee must be paid. This fee applies for the search itself; therefore, it is non-refundable regardless if the record requested is not located. In addition, before you could get hold of these records, an application form must be submitted first.

Texas public records are available at certain state agencies which are appointed by the government for the keeping of such registers. The state’s archives maintain vital records, arrest and criminal history information, driver records, and county records. Judicial records, on the contrary, are not covered by the Texas Public Information Act. Thus, they are not considered public records. The processing time for public record requests in Texas varies depending on which agency the record is obtained from and what method is used.

Texas Public Records

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In obtaining a copy of any public record in Texas, the following steps must be followed:

Important information that you should take note of when requesting access to court records:

The court will decide whether to allow you to access a certain court record or not. Either way, you will be notified.

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