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Oklahoma Marriage Records

Like most states in the US, Oklahoma is an open records state. Such statement, therefore, is tantamount to the notion that the general public has the right to access every government record and those records generated by state agencies considered as public. Marriage records, for example, are available to everyone who wishes to procure a copy of such. The processing fee for such entreaty varies from county to county.

While this conveys that the public can access Oklahoma marriage records, procuring marriage certificates in the state may can be quite tricky. In the US, most vital records, including that of marriage decrees can be obtained from the Department of Health. However, in Oklahoma, entreaties for such registers must be directed at the local county clerk since the Department of Health does not issue copies of these records. What the state office only provides are registers of births and deaths. The handling for marriage record requests depends on the volume of requests the courts receive at a particular time.

Oklahoma Marriage Records

Although counter service is proffered by the county clerks’ offices, acquiring such documents this way may be inconvenient to some of you. Perhaps you still need to take time off work if you’re working or leave school if you’re studying; and that’s quite quixotic. As such, technological advancements today made innovations with regard to these transactions. Now, you can search for the marriage record you need in the comfort of your own home with just a computer and an Internet connection handy.

How to get an Oklahoma marriage decree the manual way?

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