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New York Marriage Records

Marriage records are important documents. This type of register can be used in various ways. One of which it can be very helpful is in the light of background check. If you are quite skeptical about the marital status of a person you’re interested to build an intimate relationship with, checking over his or her marital record is one thing you can do. Obtaining a certified marriage file in New York requires a processing fee of $30 to $45 depending on whether or not priority handling is requested. For genealogy purposes, an informational copy will be issued which costs $22.00. To request for the record, you must secure an application form first.

New York marriage records can be procured through the Vital Records Certification Unit, Department of Health. When requesting for a copy of this record, you have to submit an application via the US Postal Service to the Vital Records Processing Center. If priority handling is requested, the processing time for such entreaty will just take a day or two. For orders without a rush request, the time required for them to be processed takes roughly days to several weeks. This estimated time will occasionally increase depending on the volume of records received in the office.

New York Marriage Records

Should you wish to obtain New York marriage records in a fast and expedient way, you can actually try retrieving it online. Several online record solutions proffer the same services but for a minimal to no fee at all. What’s more, they can give you the record you need in just minutes thereby saving you money and time.

To obtain a copy of a record of marriage in New York, follow these outlined steps:

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