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Mississippi Marriage Records

Mississippi as they say is a friendly State for vital records for they are known of their hospitality in the way they provide service among its residents. Historically, the Mississippi marriage records got collected some time in 1926 to 1938, and then they stopped maintaining it for some reason until 1942 when there was a more organized system already that administers these legal records. The State’s Bureau of Vital Records handles such work to manage the records database and accommodate the requests from its legitimate citizens.

Not only will you be able to know about the marriage about two different individuals but would also know about the names of both parties’ parents and the names of those who bore witness of the said wedding. Thus, it’s a fantastic piece of document which one can use when collecting for records in the effort to form or establish a family tree. In other words, it’s a good resource when you are doing a genealogical research. You just need to fill-out its official application form, pay $15.00 for each copy via check or money order then submit to the Mississippi State Health Department for processing.

Mississippi Marriage Records

It was great to have the records available by the local government but over time it kind of time-consuming already to some more especially for those who have busy schedules. Luckily, technology did not stop to innovative. The experts have made it possible to store such marriage documents into an online database for everyone to pull out anytime. It is a paid records solution but really worth it because anyone can now perform the search at home in one’s most convenient time.

In the marriage application form the only allowed requestors are the following:

The State’s Department of Health also provides the form and requires to the steps below:

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