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Indiana Public Records

According to the Indiana Code for Public Records, it is clearly underlined that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government. This means that anyone in Indiana can perform a public record search. To procure a copy of any public document, an application form must be secured first. Each type of record has its own application or request form.

It is the Indiana Commission on Public Records where most of these public archives are kept and maintained. For birth and death certificates, these can be acquired from the State Department of Health or from the local county health departments. Marriage and divorce decrees, on the other hand, are only available at the local county clerks. The processing time for record entreaties depends on which document is requested and where the request is filed.

Indiana Public Records

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How to request access to Indiana Public Records?
Obtaining public registers in Indiana can be done by visiting any of these agencies:

To access such information, please follow the steps below:

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