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Hawaii Public Records

Vital records of events that transpired in the State of Hawaii, including that of marriage records, are received and preserved by the State Department of Health. In Hawaii, access to such vital registers is restricted by statute to certain individuals only. The fee for a Hawaii marriage record is $10. In order to file a request, an application form must be secured first.

In the Department of Health, it is specifically the Vital Records Department that maintains archives of such crucial information. However, as per the state law, the DOH is prohibited to disclose any vital records or information contained in these registers unless the requester has a direct and tangible interest in the record. Certified copies of a marriage certificate will not usually be given upon the day of request. It will take approximately 10 business days for vital records entreaties to be processed.

Hawaii Public Records

Should you wish to procure a Hawaii marriage record in an expedited and convenient manner, you can actually pull a record search online. With technological advancements today, doing such transactions is already a piece of cake. All you have to do is search for a reliable record provider online, provide the necessary information about the vital event, and wait for the results to be delivered to you in just minutes.

Who is eligible to apply for a certified copy of a Hawaii marriage record?

Access to vital records in Hawaii, including marriage records, are restricted to the following individuals only:

To request for a copy of a Hawaii marriage certificate, follow the instructions below:

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