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Georgia Public Records

Access to public records in Georgia is available to any residents in the state. This is because of the provision of the Open Records Act. Public archives that may be obtained by any member of the public include records of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, arrests, and criminal history information. Each record requires a corresponding fee though. To obtain a copy of any public record, a completed form is requisite for a particular record entreaty to be processed.

Public information in the Peach State are kept and maintained by different state agencies. The Bureau of Vital Statistics acts as the central repository for all state vital records. Archives of births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and adoptions are available at the Vital Records Division. In addition, marriage and divorce decrees may also be accessed from the Office of the County Clerk where the couple got the license or where the divorce was filed. On the other hand, arrest and criminal records can be obtained from the State’s Crime Information Unit. The processing time for each record request varies from county to county and depends on which agency such record is acquired.

Georgia Public Records

To get any Georgia public record in a fast and expedient manner, you can try doing the record search online. This way, you no longer need to stand in line to process your record request. Doing it the modern way will definitely save you time and effort.

Below is the list of the steps which you can follow should you wish to obtain public records using the manual method:

Payments for public records in Georgia are non-refundable. This means that even if the record requested is not located, the money will not be given back to the requester as the fee applies for the search itself. Below is the list of the most common record requests along with their respective search fees:

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