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Florida Public Records

Pursuant to the Florida Public Records Act, all state and municipal records are accountable for the citizenry. It is, therefore, the duties of these public entities to assist residents seeking for public records and provide them with the information that they need. All record entreaties in Florida are subject to fees though. Each type of record requires a specific processing fee.

Certain state agencies are tapped by Florida’s government to maintain and keep state public records. To request access to these archives, an application form must be completed first. Usually, the turnaround time for public record requests takes days to weeks depending on what method is utilized.

Florida Public Records

If you want to procure Florida public records the easy way, you can actually do it online. You can even make use of third party networks such as online record providers. These service providers have their own statewide database so there’s nothing to fret about. What’s more, you can get the records you requested in just minutes.

Obtaining public records in the State of Florida can be done through filing a request at either of the following agencies:

Steps to procure a copy of any Florida public record:

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