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Connecticut Marriage Records

Connecticut marriage records are not considered confidential records. Therefore, anyone who is at least 18 years of age can request a copy of a marriage certificate so long as the guidelines and the process of procurement are followed. To request access to such registers, a completed application form and a processing fee of $20 are necessary.

The Connecticut Department of Health issues, documents, and stores certified copies of vital records, including marriage certificates, for occurrences that took place in the state. However, certified copies are not available at this department. These documents can only be acquired from the Clerk of Superior Court where the civil union was granted. Requests for such records, however, may take days to weeks depending on the volume of requests the office receives at a particular time.

Connecticut Marriage Records

To obtain the marriage decree in an expedited manner, you can actually try hiring the services of online record providers. These record solutions have their own stateside database which contains all state vital records. Not only will they be able to provide you with the record you need in no time, but also, they require just a minimal fee for such fast and convenient service.

How to request for a Connecticut marriage certificate?

When appealing for a marriage document in the state, your order should comprise of all the following essential details:

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